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WIP: Wellbeing in Progress

written by Editor, 26 February 2015

Blog by Gary McCombe, Digita Corporation Tax Product Specialist and Wellbeing Champion

Now that the stress levels of the January filing rush are, hopefully, back to normal, it is worth taking stock and assessing – from a wellbeing viewpoint – how it was for you?

Early mornings?
Late nights?
Weekend working?
Plenty of junk food and drink?

Customer Service

Gary is an avid runner – pictured here at the 2013 London Marathon.

All of these are not good for mental or physical wellbeing so what can you do to make sure that 2016 filing season is easier than 2015?

There are multitudes of software and process ideas that can help get information in sooner and turned around more quickly but there are other, non work, areas that can be looked at.

Now is the ideal time to look at a different kind of WIP – Wellbeing in Progress:

Lunchtime lunges

The obvious changes are to increase the amount of exercise you do and to look at your eating habits. Going for a walk at lunchtime instead of surfing the web is a great way to lose a few pounds and improve overall health.

Feeling fruity

Substituting some of the sweet treats for fruit will also have an impact in return for very little effort – a bowl of fruit in the office making it even easier. Both of these will mean that you have more energy and are sharper mentally when it comes to those long days in January.

Healthy competition

If you are the sort of person who requires a little motivation to get out and exercise, collar a friend and head to a gym. A competitive spirit can sometimes make the difference between good intention and long term commitment. Alternatively, an activity tracker – pedometer or sports watch – can help you achieve the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week.

Sitting unpretty

Research shows that where we work has a huge impact on our health. Much of the recent research focuses on the fact that we sit for far too long. The human body is not designed to sit for long periods of time. One solution that is becoming more prevalent is the sit/stand desk that allows you to stand for longer than you sit but also gives you the chance to sit every now and then as you get used to being on your feet for longer.

Lighten up

Review the lighting around your desk and the setup of your workstation. This is especially important if you work from home regularly. Can you see everything around you clearly enough? Are monitors at a height that is comfortable for your neck and viewing angle? If not, it can quickly lead to eye strain and headaches.


Take regular breaks to recharge and catch up with colleagues. Research in this area suggests that this type of activity leads to more cohesion in an organisation and greater team spirit which, in turn, leads to reductions in stress and staff turnover.

Making some small changes now and keeping it up could lead to big differences in your energy levels, attention span and general wellbeing come next January.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comments.

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