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What Does The Making Tax Digital Deferral Mean for Accountants?

written by Editor, 15 August 2017

Guest blog by Mark Purdue, Tax Product Manager at Thomson Reuters

deferral MTD blog

Last month, accountants welcomed the deferral of Making Tax Digital. So surely this means you can think about the extra workload for another year or two?

In short, the answer is simply: no. Mark Purdue, Thomson Reuters’ tax expert explains why in our latest on-demand webinar. He stressed that MTD is not only imminent, but is happening right now. Making Tax Digital, it seems, is inevitable.

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Congratulations to our customers for the Practice Excellence Awards 2016

written by Editor, 21 October 2016

Practice Excellence

Last night AccountingWEB held the Practice Excellence Awards 2016, the evening celebrates the very best firms and individuals in the profession today.

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Top Tips on How To Get Your Emails Noticed

written by Editor, 14 October 2016

Email Marketing

Guest blog by, Chris Taylor, Marketing Assistant, Thomson Reuters

Email marketing has been overshadowed in recent years, thanks to the fast moving, up to the minute sharing capabilities of social media. However, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have made it easier than ever for consumers to access their e-mails anytime, anywhere. more »

New infographic: accountants views on Making Tax Digital

written by Editor, 30 September 2016

We recently conducted a series of live polls with over 400 accountants on Making Tax Digital during our recent webinars with resident Thomson Reuters tax expert, Mark Purdue.

These stats have been turned into our latest infographic which visually charts the views of accountants on MTD.

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The Making Tax Digital Blog Series Part 2: Why Efficient Collection Of Data Needs To Match Efficient Client Management

written by Editor, 21 July 2016

Guest blog by, Mark Purdue, Product Manager – Tax, Thomson Reuters

Making Tax Digital

The Making Tax Digital initiative now seems to be almost inevitable. The drive for better data received in a more timely way is seen as a cornerstone of how the government seeks to create and modernise aspects of its relationship with taxpayers. more »

Can more accountants make more of KPIs and make more profit?

written by Editor, 9 June 2016

Guest blog by, Paul Shrimpling, Remarkable Practice


At the Thomson Reuters 2016 conference I shared 3 important insights about valuable KPIs, client meetings and helpful questions.
After 15 years of advising accountancy firms I have uncovered 3 worthwhile obsessions for accountants in practice.
If you don’t implement the right KPI’s, develop the right client relationships and focus on the right queries to help power your practice forward you will notice;

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How can Cloud Technology benefit your practice?

written by Editor, 17 May 2016

Guest blog by, Ian Cooper, Business Development Manager

Cloud Computing

The more you know about cloud computing, the more you’ll understand why it has received so much attention in recent years. Also referred to as hosted computing, cloud computing generally refers to a complete software solution that your practice accesses over the web. It uses a centralised data centre, which is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as data storage systems.

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Marriage Allowance benefit

written by Digita Support, 5 April 2016

By Gemma Pettit, Tax Support Specialist.

Transfer of Personal Allowance

When the government introduced the Marriage Allowance on 6 April 2015, they estimated that four million people would be eligible to claim it. However, as of February 2016, figures released suggested that only 8% of eligible couples had applied to transfer 10% of their Personal Allowance to their Spouse or Civil Partner.
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Be the hostess with the mostess

written by Editor, 10 March 2016

Guest blog by, Amanda Magri Overend, Digita Marketing Executive

events (hostess)

Whether you’re a small business or a large multi-national there are huge benefits to be reaped from hosting an event. As discussed in previous blogs events are a fundamental part of networking and connecting with customers, prospects and peers. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair. Instead you could start with a low-cost coffee morning.

But why host an event in the first place?

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New Year, New Opportunities

written by Editor, 17 December 2015

Guest blog by, Mikaela Barton, Digita Marketing Assistant

New Year resolutionss

The festive season is upon us and the New Year is fast approaching. We are all familiar with the tradition of setting ourselves personal goals for the upcoming year, goals that are going to see us slimmer, happier and wealthier than ever before. Until January 15th when we all give up and reach for the leftover Christmas cake.

However, what about our business goals? The New Year allows for a paramount opportunity for change. But how do you plan for the New Year? And what industry changes should you expect to see in 2016?

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5 Ways to Gain New Clients

written by Editor, 15 December 2015

Guest blog by, Connor Mears, Digita Inside Sales Representative

Free infographic! Discover 5 ways to gain new clients.

Free infographic! Discover 5 ways to gain new clients

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Is consumer use of technology overtaking their accountants?

written by Editor, 26 November 2015

Guest blog by, Ian Cooper, Digita Business Development Manager


Mobile devices, the cloud and social media have created huge behavioural changes in consumers and has led to a change in their expectations. There is no question that easy to use solutions such as Amazon® same-day delivery, Apple Pay and Uber are helping the constantly connected consumer get what they want when they want it. Consumers are now socially-oriented, design-conscious and impatient. These consumer behaviours describe our clients, prospective clients and they also describe us. All of us have helped change the demands of services in a very short amount of time, ask yourselves that as accountants, are you keeping pace?

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5 Tips to Attract Investors through Crowdfunding

written by Editor, 17 November 2015

Guest blog by, Amanda Magri Overend, Digita Marketing Executive


You have decided to launch or grow your business – and now you need investment. But where do you start? And which of the many forms of investment is right for your business?

Our economy continuously changes in many ways, however a lack of money and time are still primary reasons why small business fail to progress in a competitive market.

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RONI – have you considered it?

written by Editor, 12 November 2015

Guest blog by, Ian Cooper, Digita Business Development Manager


We are all aware of the term Return on Investment. This is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

However, a term you might not be so familiar with is RONI, the RISK OF NOT INVESTING.

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Work smarter not harder with Digita Practice Advanced

written by Editor, 29 October 2015

Guest blog by, James Bowers-Lee, Digita Inside sales representative

Practice Advanced

Do you ever feel you’re spending too much time managing your work than actually doing it? Well now you don’t have to.  Digita Practice Advanced will allow you to create smart intuitive projects to manage your practice without the workload.

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