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Training isn’t just for beginners…

written by Editor, 23 July 2014

Blog by Glenn Tucker, Manager of Digita Client Services
When you invest in new software for your practice, part of the package will almost certainly include training. Digita offers training in a variety of formats: onsite classroom style, online via WebEx, and on-demand videos.

Here are our top three tips for choosing training:

1. Format

– Do you learn best in short chunks at your own speed, or all in one go with others? This can be the difference between choosing video training or on-site workshops delivered to a group of staff.

2. Don’t just consider training when you buy new software.

It can be beneficial at other times too such as when a new version of the software is released or when a new member of staff joins your firm.

3. Come prepared!

Before you embark on live training, write down a list of questions and items you want to achieve by the end of the course and send them to the trainer in advance.

Over time, it’s only natural that even the most experienced users can pick up bad habits or forget to use the more advanced tools in the software. Our consultants can work with you to ensure that you are using the software as efficiently as possible which increases staff effectiveness and frees up your time to improve and expand your business.

Many Digita customers have annual ‘refresher’ training to ensure they continue to get the best from the software. This can be in the form of onsite or online sessions and later this year we will be launching a self-service training portal with a wide variety of live online webinars which you can enrol on and participate in. Not only that, but after each webinar has taken place it will be available to download and watch in your own time. The webinars will offer training for beginners as well as advanced users.

Whichever way you choose to receive your Digita training, we guarantee that you will trained by consultants that, between them, have over 30 years experience in using Digita software.

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