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Using Corporation Tax to track filing and payment deadlines effectively

written by Digita Support, 5 April 2016

By Lisa Gunn, Tax Support Specialist.

In many ways corporation tax can seem easier than personal tax, but the one area where this definitely doesn’t hold true is filing and payment deadlines.

Using Corporation Tax to track filing

Although the most common year ends are 31 March and 31 December, there are always the odd ones with a 26 June or similar year end.  As an agent, you will know that it is these latter companies that are most likely to get forgotten, leading to the possibility of penalties and interest charges being applied.  Fully utilising the tools within Digita Corporation Tax should ensure that this never happens to your clients.

There are a number of ways Digita Corporation Tax can help you keep track of deadlines easily.

Tracker Customisation

The system has a built in tracker to assist you in monitoring the position of all companies.  We have created a basic default task list, but you can customise this to suit your practice.  All tasks have a target date (intended to be the internal “due date” within your practice) based on the chargeable period end, and payment and filing tasks have an additional statutory deadline date.  To globally add, edit, remove or create new tasks, you will need to:

Login to Corporation Tax as ‘Administrator’ or as another user with administrator rights

Go to Tools | Tracker Set up

Highlight the task you wish to make changes to and then click ‘Edit’ or ‘Remove’ as appropriate.

You can add additional tasks to the tracker by clicking ‘Add’ and then either selecting a task from the list or, alternatively, you can create additional task by clicking ‘New’ and entering the necessary details.

Individual company’s trackers can also be customised by opening the company then going to Tools | Tracker | Customise.  Please note that any changes here will only apply to the current company, and will not affect other companies in your database and will only affect the period in which you make any changes.

User Summary screen

Selecting the ‘User Summary’ view at the bottom left hand side of the screen should give you a snapshot of upcoming and overdue deadlines for your clients.

To enable this functionality, you will first need to ensure that all companies have been assigned to users.

Login to Corporation Tax as ‘Administrator’ or as another user with administrator rights

Go to File | Open

Highlight the required companies, then click on the ‘Edit user assignments’ icon at the top of the dialog to allocate the user

Once done, go to Tools | Tracker Setup and click to notify each level of user as appropriate.  You are also able to change the dates that notifications are triggered here.

Corporation Tax Version 16.1 will enable you to schedule emails to all users of their Upcoming and Overdue deadlines, so they can be alerted to an impending due date without having to login to Corporation Tax itself.


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