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5 Ways to Gain New Clients

written by Editor, 15 December 2015

Guest blog by, Connor Mears, Digita Inside Sales Representative

Free infographic! Discover 5 ways to gain new clients.

Free infographic! Discover 5 ways to gain new clients

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How to get the right type of client – Sales and marketing techniques for accountancy practice owners

written by Editor, 1 April 2015

Guest Blog by Rudi Jansen Founder of Accoa
Sales and Marketing Techniques

Sometimes the thought of developing new sales and marketing techniques for your practice can bring to mind over-expensive advertising campaigns and unsuccessful prospect meetings that feel like a waste of your precious time.
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What Can Accountants Learn From Sales People?

written by Editor, 23 October 2014

Blog by Simon Brookings, Digita Head of Sales
Sales people
Are you trying to convince your manager to take things further in your practice? Or would you like to introduce something new into your team but can’t seem to get the support? Maybe you have come into contact with clients and have the opportunity to sell. If so, do you know how to be a successful salesperson without resorting to a hard selling approach?
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