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Better Productivity for Your Practice – Part 1: Five ways accountants are using technology to boost productivity

written by Editor, 7 April 2016

Guest blog by, Ian Cooper, Digita Business Development Manager


Ian Cooper’s 3 part blog piece will uncover ways in which accountants in practice can boost their efficiency through technology advances. Ian will also address the barriers to productivity which practices may face and finally in the 3rd blog he will showcase the recent survey results carried out by Thomson Reuters.

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Exploiting the unique capabilities of Apps

written by Editor, 22 September 2015

Guest blog by, David Pearson, Senior Development Manager – Practice & Workflow

mobile applications

Apps should be designed to make the most of what mobile devices have to offer. At their best they don’t just repeat what their partner applications do; they take advantage of the connectivity, geolocation and photographic capabilities of our mobile phones and tablets to extend and simplify the functionality we need day-to-day.

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