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Social Media: What’s in it for Accountants in Practice?

written by Editor, 11 July 2016

Guest blog by, Chris Taylor, Marketing Assistant

Social Media

Social media is a growing area of interest for accountants in practice looking to enhance their current marketing efforts. Although it wasn’t originally designed for businesses, including accountancy practices, in recent years an increasing number have decided to turn to social platforms to get their messages across in a timely and concise way. There are currently 433 million LinkedIn accounts and 310 million Twitter members – the sheer volume of these accounts presents organisations with a great, low-cost opportunity to increase engagement with their target market.

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2015: The Year of the Client

written by Editor, 30 January 2015

Blog by Aalia Daneshmend, Digita Senior Marketing Executive
Year of the Client
According to a recent survey of UK accountants in practice, 41% of practitioners are looking to revamp their client communication procedures in 2015*. Although change is always constrained by time and resource, there are several steps that accountancy practices can take to improve client communication this year.

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