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Digita Software: Here to Support Your Practice Growth

written by Editor, 15 June 2015

Guest Blog by Simon Brookings, Digita Head of Sales


Post the end of tax season is seen as a strategically important point in time for growth. Everything is under the microscope, including technology, resources, processes and development. While pressure points may vary from year to year, one remains nearly constant, practices are almost always looking for ways to expand and increase profitability.

Given the speed at which technology changes, your current practice systems may not be up to standard, or it may not support your unique practice needs. Practice growth and efficiency are key areas to consider when selecting your practice software.

Most practices begin by using a mix of low cost software packages. Then, as customer demands increase in scope and complexity, you realise  your practice requires a more sophisticated tax and accounting software system to cope (let’s call this the Low Cost Trap). However, why not avoid the pain of changing software (data migration, retraining etc…) and choose the right scalable software package from the start?  This would allow you to grow your practice with the same software right the way through the potentially painful growth process.


If you find yourself in the “Low Cost Trap” the challenge is identifying the right time to make the change to better software. When you find yourself immersed in the day to day operations, it’s easy to ignore the red flags and stick with a non scalable dead end solution then search for an offer which brings more benefits.  However, as your practice grows, you need to build on technology that supports your requirements and delivers the levels of service that your clients expect.  Digita can help with comprehensive data migration routines and also a number of free training options to get you up to speed fast.

Digita provides scalable solutions to suit all practices from start-ups to those specialising in complex & advanced cases, we can provide the best options to fall in line with your business model.

Our Integrated solutions are able to provide you with ease and efficiency to help run your practice operations more effectively. Systems are available to be personalized and formatted exactly to your individual needs.  By using automated workflows, your team could create processes enabling the automation of the review process and to track progress. With more confidence in the software your staff now has more time to spend on productive tasks.
Where to start?

All this is not going to happen overnight. We all know that. It takes strategy, time and commitment to reach your goals. Here at Digita we are passionate about providing your practice with the confidence to succeed and grow. Our integrated solutions are available to help you achieve more along with saving you time and money!  With this in mind, we have launched our new Digita Efficiency Packs, affordable options to help enable your practice to advance and be more effective.
So, why wait? Get started and contact us today! Your practice is all ready to grow.

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