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Signs of a Super Hero Accountant

written by Editor, 5 January 2015

Blog By Aalia Daneshmend, Senior Marketing Executive
Super Hero Accountant
If being an outstanding accountant made you a super hero, here’s our take on which X-men-type powers you might possess. You may identify with a few of these or want to hone your own superpowers by taking on some of these skills.

Superhuman Strength

Are you helpful? The Super Accountant is. They have a lot of experience in helping SMEs and know what issues they face; which are important and which are not. Rather than saying you’re ‘proactive’ which can be a bit woolly, let them know that you’re happy to have an ongoing dialogue and you’ll chat about where they are, where they want to go and how they can get from A to B.

Super Hero Accountant

Telepathic Powers

Are you a great communicator? Understand your clients’ business and situation and cut the jargon – your clients will thank you for speaking in plain English. Make yourself available out of hours to be there for your clients at the times that suit them – allow for evenings and weekends whilst you’re growing.

Psychic Abilities

Can you see into the future? Good technical knowledge and a bit of foresight can help you advise clients on certain possible situations and which would have the best outcome for them. So 3 months ahead of the year end, the super hero accountant brings their client’s attention to items that should be considered to save tax, e.g. Pension planning.

Emotional Intelligence

Are you honest and reliable? Once your clients receive great service, as with any customer service situation, consistency is key. Delivering bad news and staying on the right side of the law comes with the territory. By being open and honest with your clients (and really caring), you can unlock their trust which is the basis for any long term client relationship.

X-Ray Vision

Do you know when to say no? Good accountants can take on every bit of work that comes their way, but great accountants recognise whether a potential client is a good fit or not, then accepts or declines the business. Sometimes seeing through existing clients as time wasters is the only way to be truly efficient.

The Power of Flight

Can you take a big step back? One of your most valuable assets is being able to put together a business plan and give clients your objective view. Start ups will really value you as a trusted business adviser.

And the Super Hero Accountant’s name? We’ll leave that for you to decide – please post your ideas below!

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