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written by Editor, 8 April 2015

Q&A: Interview with Neil Massa from Space2, Digita User Conference Guest Speaker

Neil, tell us what services your company provides?
At Space2, we specialise in three key areas – consultancy, training and coaching. We deliver a range of benefits to large and small businesses across a variety of different sectors.

What types of solutions do you offer to your clients?

We focus on three subjects, which are lead generation, personal productivity (time management), and frontline leadership/management.

What will you be sharing with our customers at the Digita User Conference?
I’ll be offering advice on lead generation tactics: how to find new opportunities and clients through referrals, recommendations and introductions.


Do you think that many businesses find this area a challenge?

Here at Space2, we often speak with Managing Directors, Sales Directors and Sales Managers who need their salespeople to raise their game. It’s not just related to a lack of sales skills which prevents employees from generating leads, we feel it can be associated to a decrease in motivation and knowledge on the best practices to use.

How did you identify a need for this type of training program?

In 2008, a client of ours was struggling with generating leads for their business and enquired about our methods. We explained that most of our business developed from referrals, recommendations and introductions. The client then asked if we ran a training class but at the time we didn’t offer one so we then added this program to our training services. Not only did this lead to the development of a very cost-effective solution to this problem; it also led to the discovery of the Space2 “11 barriers to success” model.

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to add?

Space2 offers transformative solutions which are simple, sustainable and self-sufficient – that’s what sets us apart from our competitors.  I’ll reveal all of our top tips at the Digita User Conferences so that we can help you tackle this challenge with the benefit of our experience.

About Neil Massa, Managing Director, Space2

Neil Massa

Since 1988, Neil has worked in sales and business development for a variety of highly regarded blue-chip organisations. He started his career in Xerox, moving from a role in sales to sales training in both the direct and indirect sales operations. He then moved to Dun & Bradstreet and began working within telesales and field sales management for UK and Europe, during which time he was appointed European head of Learning & Development for Sales, with the responsibility for sales training across 17 countries. In 2002, Neil took his expertise and experience and channeled them into a new project, cofounding Space2 with his business partner, Simon Goodison.

To learn more about Neil, please visit his LinkedIn profile Find out more about Space2 at

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