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Become Socially Sophisticated with our help!

written by Editor, 3 November 2015

Guest blog by, Lauren Coates, Digita Inside sales representative

Socially Sophisticated

In today’s socially driven world, it’s getting tougher to grab attention and sustain it.
Social media can be especially challenging; how do you measure the value of an engagement to your brand? Used correctly, social media offers a free marketing tool to engage quickly with clients, potential prospects and business partners. Essentially, you are creating a 24/7 accessible page to market your business.

There are an array of various social media channels, from Facebook and LinkedIn to blogs and YouTube channels. How you manage and run your online presence is completely up to you. However, it takes time to gather followers and connections, so be patient. In light of this, many accountants have stated that their clients seem to be increasingly ‘media-savvy’. If your client base is present online, you need to be there alongside them! Spend a little time researching the platforms your existing clients use, this will allow you to understand their social presence.

Once you have decided which online platform is best to reach your target audience, it is important to regularly update your profiles and enhance engagement amongst followers.  When you update your social media pages, your current followers will be notified. Therefore, by using social media, you are indirectly keeping in contact with your prospects and business partners. Alongside this, when a client interacts with your page, all of their followers see, therefore allowing your business to reach a far wider audience.

Surprisingly, it is more common than not to see businesses slip into bad habits when using social media. How you use social media is just as vital as why you use it, follow these 4 steps to become socially sophisticated:

Socially Sophisticated

Be clear and concise – Always get straight to the point. Social media sites are designed to give a quick snapshot of a message. Some platforms such as Twitter limit post content to only 140 characters, therefore creating a post that does not require too much time to read can be more effective in creating engagement amongst followers.

Always engage – Try to reply to as many comments as possible, as comments represent clients engaging with your business. You need to show that you have heard them! This also applies to negative comments. It is more harmful to your business to ignore these responses; followers need to see you resolve the issue in order to avoid being shame faced online.

Know your register – Knowing how you are going to approach your online audience is vital. Are you going to be formal or informal? Avoid mixing the two. For example, if you have been formal throughout your page, avoid uploading a funny office picture with all the staff in fancy dress!

Avoid bad habits – Keeping on top of your social media footprint can be time consuming in the beginning. Many businesses quickly fall into the routine of setting up automatic posts. For example, daily links to third party websites or daily news stories. Although this may seem like a good idea at the time, to a client, your posts look identical from day to day. Make sure you vary the look and content of your posts regularly. This can be done by designating a small amount of time in your day to finding, or creating new content to post. It can take only a couple of minutes to post a picture or a sentence. Don’t fall into the trap of repetitiveness online!

Keep it professional – Always remember you are using this social media page for business purposes. Avoid engaging with groups, pages, images etc. that are outside of your target market. Whatever you ‘like’ will be visible to all your prospects!

Using social media for your business can be an innovative and creative way of marketing your business. It’s free, quick, simple and live. Find us on Twitter and LinkedIn!


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