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Strategies to enhance your Practice Performance

written by Editor, 2 March 2016

Guest blog by, Connor Mears, Digita Sales Consultant

practice performance

It is a well known fact that the most successful businesses are the most organized, they will normally use every minute of their day to complete as many tasks as possible. This is more recognized in the world of accounting, time equals money. So how can you get the most out of your working day to boost your practice performance?

Here at Thomson Reuters we do more than provide Tax and Accounting Software we are dedicated to serving you as a strategic partner to your business so you can expand your horizons. Digita Solutions from Thomson Reuters help to drive your success and the reasons why accountants invest in Digita Software is that we deliver flexible tools to help you advance and save time on low revenue tasks so you are able to put that time towards more complex jobs. But other than software what other ways are there to enhance practice performance?

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I have looked at 100’s of ways to boost my productivity; here are my top 5 and reasons why they might help you:

1.Unimportant tasks:

If you find yourself working on a task which is nice-to-do and not need-to-do then consider getting rid of it all together. I find myself evaluating every task to make sure they important and need to be done, most don’t cut the mustard.

2.Keep your emails in check:

Communication is key in any business, during my time at Digita I can tell which practices will be more successful or are successful than others. Don’t miss the opportunity if it comes about. Organize your emails. Respond to once you have read it. Simple steps but very effective.

3.The 80/20 rule:

This is where 20% of my time leads to 80% of my results, stop being a perfectionist. Complete the task, have more time on your hands with the same amount of task completed.

4.Cut down on your distractions:

Distractions exist all around us, browsing on Facebook and Twitter, watching television, listening to the Radio and being on your mobile phone, eliminate the amount of time spent on these items and see the difference with the decrease of workload.

5.Performance Tracking:

Set realistic goals and monitor these at each key point. If you fall short of your expectations, retrace your steps and evaluate what went wrong and how you can improve that process. If you meet your target stretch that goal and do better next time.

Why not try one or two of these tips by adopting them into practice performance strategy.


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