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The Top Five Things to Pack in Your Marketing Toolkit

written by Editor, 17 November 2014

Blog By Amanda Magri Overend, Digita Marketing Assistant
Marketing Toolkit
If your practice is looking to put together a marketing strategy internally, choosing the right tools to help you execute that strategy can be overwhelming. Here at Digita, we’ve experienced various marketing processes and are constantly testing new ones.

So, here are the top 5 marketing tools to make your firm a success:

1. Implement the Right Marketing Software

There are many software tools on the market for email marketing, events management and customer relationship management (CRM) but each will differently meet your needs. Selecting the right software begins with discovering what you want and then aligning the solutions with your goals. It’s easy to see a demo which promises all the bells and whistles, but don’t get carried away as you may only need a simple solution. When evaluating software vendors and technology partners look into their background and ask vendors to give you references from customers in your industry.

Marketing Toolkit

2. Create a Stand Out Website

Your website should reflect your personality as a business adviser and professional. The layout should be intuitive and easy to use, as this will provide the first impression to potential customers. A website isn’t just an online business card anymore – it’s an opportunity to connect with your customers and establish a sense of trust. With the right website and content, customers will be able to easily contact you, review your services and keep up-to-date with the latest news and information about your practice and the business industry.

3. Grab Attention with Advertising

Advertising is one of the most important aspects of marketing because consumers can’t buy products unless they know what they are and where to get them. Targeting potential customers through the medium they most favour will increase awareness and drive sales. Most advertising nowadays is online, such as email campaigns, third party e-newsletters, social media, Google ads and banner advertising on industry websites. Whatever you do, make sure you stand out from the crowd by being different and memorable in your message and visuals.

4. Develop a Strong Brand

Branding is all about sending a strong and consistent message. Every time a prospect or customer has contact with your practice, whether it’s visiting your website or seeing an advert, they’ve just had a brand experience. Enhancing your brand image is critical in every business and every interaction your target audience has with your brand must be uniform across all marketing channels. This can be done by assessing your target audience and their needs then tailoring a message to suit their requirements. This will help develop value and differentiate yourselves from your competitors. Public relations (PR) can provide another outlet to all of the great work and services you offer to your customers in the local area.

5. The Voice of your Customers

Client testimonials and lengthier case studies are a marketing staple: businesses use them to portray their products or services and how they’ve been implemented successfully by customers. Case studies tell a story and illustrate the benefits of your services whilst focusing on your customer’s experience. This will increase positive awareness and provides your business with credibility. Once created, you can place this content on your website and push it out through email and advertising.

When it comes to successful marketing, a one-off advert just isn’t going to work – it’s important to make use of your entire marketing toolkit to create maximum impact. You have to cover all bases, sustain a consistent message and carry out regular activity to see results – we call this an integrated marketing campaign.

Are you setting up your own practice and carrying out your own marketing? Do you have any other items you’d like to add to the marketing toolkit? Share your story with us below.

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