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Manage your Entire Practice from one Single Application!

written by Editor, 13 August 2015

Guest Blog by James Bowers-Lee, Digita Sales Consultant

Practice Advanced

Could this be the one tool your practice is missing and desperately needs?

Did you ever wonder if you could manage your entire practice differently, more efficiently? Perhaps you may be spending more time on your clients and less time on the mundane administrative tasks that give us that Monday morning dread and keep us late on a Friday evening.  Digita Practice Advanced can help to solve these problems! This comprehensive accounting software is designed to streamline practice efficiency to meet the needs of today’s professionals.

A proven product, Digita Practice Advanced not only offers you and your staff the ability to access information in one centralized location; it helps you operate your entire practice at peak productivity. Offering firm, staff, and client dashboards with real-time functionality, this accounting management software serves as a central hub, where you can get up-to-the-second data on firm operations, staff projects, and client status—all in one place. With this knowledge, you can operate your firm at peak performance, making critical financial decisions and maximizing your efficiency.


Practice Advanced

With Digita Practice Advanced discover a user friendly and intuitive program that gives you the flexibility and precision to account for the complexity of your practice and users, based on exactly how your practice runs. With the help of our highly experienced training and configuration team, hit the ground running with smart, highly adaptive projects that integrate with the tools key to an accountant’s day to day work. This will help to eliminate areas of redundancy, increasing efficiency, while also giving you a program you can rely on no matter the rate of growth.

Offering numerous intuitive billing options to fit multiple billing styles – whether you want to invoice multiple clients at once, scrutinize the details of a specific bill or perhaps set up recurring bills. Our comprehensive time and fees will aid you in reducing the cost spent and help you get paid on time. From this information you can create in depth reports to analyse your practice, staff or clients profitability that will feed right back to your personalised dashboard. Further helping you and your clients understand their business better.

There will always be an element of learning and configuration when delivering a solution to match the flow of your practice so intricately. Fortunately with some of the best training and support resources on the market, getting Digita Practice Advanced up to the pace you need will be a distant memory once you begin seeing the benefits of one of the most advanced Practice Management solutions on the market.

If you have any doubts as to the efficiency of your practice workflow, time recording and billing or project management, then Digita Practice Advanced is definitely worth a look.

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