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written by Editor, 1 December 2015

Guest blog by, Amanda Magri-Overend, Digita Marketing Executive

Tax Preparation

Tax season can be especially challenging. Many accounting departments are overloaded with work and need help to manage the burden of tax preparation. To cope with the busy period accounting firms need to ramp up their staffing strategy.

Businesses are choosing to engage short-term accounting professionals through temporary staffing firms to enhance the main workforce. By doing so your practice will reap the following benefits of the extra support and this will set you on course for success in 2016.

The right skills are vital!

With temporary staffing, you have access to the right skills you need for the exact amount of time you need them for. You may require additional junior accountants to perform routine tasks but only for a temporary period until all the tax documents are completed and filed. A temporary accountant can get the job done, and you can then reduce staff levels once tax-related work has subsided.

Tax Preparation

Select the crème de la crème

Temporary staffing firms offer flexibility with regards to working on a project by project basis which is affordable, and nowadays you see more individuals doing just this. In turn, businesses are able to hire the very best candidate to carry out special projects for limited time periods without the burden of a full-time salary and the benefits for high-level employees.

Staff satisfaction is key

Was there a rise in the number of complaints relating to stress in the workplace last tax season?

Your main workforce may be a brilliant team of accounting professionals, but they’re not robots. Piling on the work can lead to exhaustion, frustration and burnout. Tax season is stressful for many people and an increase in workload can worsen that stress. Improve team morale and retain your employees by delegating overflow work to temporary staff.

Extra hands going forward might help you to take care of more clients and prevent burnout among your full-time accountants.

Gain insight from your core team

Make it a habit that after each tax season you check in with your team about what has worked and hasn’t. If you missed the opportunity last year, there’s no time like the present to get feedback as you prepare for the looming tax season.

Ask your employees to review the manageability of workflow and to identify obstacles, staffing shortfalls and areas for improvement. By providing valuable feedback it will help to boost engagement and create a sense of morale as employees see you value their input.

Digita offer temporary Personal Tax License for the busier times!

If you are looking to gain extra staff working on tax returns in the run up to the 31st January deadline we offer temporary Digita Personal Tax user licenses for as long as you need!

Purchasing licenses on a month-by-month basis for temporary staff is the most cost effective way to deal with the extra rush without having to buy additional software licenses for a full year.

To take advantage of temporary licensing, request an online quote or contact your Digita Client Services Manager today on 08450 180 907.


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