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Management vs Leadership

written by Editor, 18 March 2015

Blog By Amanda Magri Overend, Digita Marketing Assistant

Management vs Leadership

Leadership and management are two very distinctive styles but also complement one another – there’s a valid place in accountancy practices for both. If you manage several staff, it’s useful to understand the distinction between leadership and management to help gain a better perspective on the way your business is run.

Management vs Leadership

The biggest difference between managers and leaders is the way that they motivate their staff: leadership is concerned with anticipating and coping with changes, whilst management is an equally important role which coordinates staff efforts and allocates the right resources to achieve business goals.


This embraces a visionary working style and has always been an essential tool for high performing businesses. This approach provides direction, encouragement and inspiration and this instils confidence within a team to achieve organisational success.


Theyt go hand-in-hand: leadership is an important skill for a good manager, while an effective leader must apply management skills to achieve targets. Without disciplined management, the direction set by a leader risks being unobtainable. Similarly, a management approach implemented without successful leadership could jeopardise your success towards achieving strategic goals and optimising team performance.

This table provides a summary of the differences between the two:

Subject Manager Leader
Essence Stability Change
Focus Managing work Leading people
Approach Plans detail Sets direction
Persuasion Tell Sell
Action Reactive Proactive
Vision Short-term = today Long-tem = horizon

Follow the Leader…

Do you have any tips to share as an effective manager or leader? Which style have you adopted within your accountancy practice?

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