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The importance of employee satisfaction to your practice performance:

written by Editor, 2 June 2016

Guest blog by, Chris Taylor, Digita Marketing Assistant


Employee satisfaction has been seen by many as a bit of a buzzword in the past – what really constitutes employee satisfaction? Providing an answer to this can be an immeasurable challenge, but even the simple fact that your practice is seen embracing employee satisfaction can give off positive vibes.

Employing a good core of skilled, happy employees that feel valued by their employer is fundamental to organizational success. Practices only want to recruit the best individuals who will do the best possible job. However, it is important to realize that there are many different levels an employee can offer. In the short term employees could be producing their A standard work, but this is not beneficial if in the long term you are only getting B or C standard work due to low levels of employee satisfaction.

Placing an emphasis on obtaining a skilled, satisfied workforce can be fundamental to organizational success and it can also set you apart from your competitors. Some of the key advantages employee satisfaction can bring to your practice are outlined below;


There is a close relationship between innovation and employee engagement. Engaged employees perform at a higher level and bring passion and interest to their job, which often leads to innovation in the workplace. As highly engaged employees feel they have a real stake in the organization, they strive to efficiently create new products, services and processes.


Employee Retention:

Employee satisfaction can be a reliable predictor of employee retention. When employers engage in practices that support good working relationships, employee satisfaction improves because workers tend to believe the company is using their skills and appreciating their service and commitment. In turn, higher job satisfaction generally results in higher levels of employee retention.

Increased Productivity:

Not only does good employee satisfaction create a happier set of employees, but it will also increase productivity in general, as people know that they will be rewarded for the hard work they do.

Creating a Community:

When you create a workplace that is happy, you will soon find that it creates a sense of community, a group of individuals who will give their all for each other and the company as a whole. This is the sort of thing that can turn your practice from a good one into a great one. People want to work for you; employees want to stay with the company, and the publicity spreads to create the sort of company that thrives in the modern business world.

Despite the numerous benefits a content workforce can bring, recent studies have shown that employee satisfaction in the UK is at its lowest level in over two years. Therefore, now is an ideal time to look at ways in which you can improve employee satisfaction within your practice. This will not only create a content working environment, but it can also act as a differentiator and really set you apart from the competition in a highly competitive landscape.


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