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written by Editor, 2 September 2015

Guest blog by, Connor Mears, Digita Sales Consultant

online research

In the ever changing world of Tax & Accounting we find ourselves changing the way we work in practice. Whether this is software updates, complying with new regulations or changing to a paperless office. Your day to day processes are guaranteed to change at one point or another.

Thomson Reuters recently launched the UK’s first cloud based information research and guidance solution – Checkpoint™, this state-of-the-art tool fully integrates with the Digita tax compliance software.

Stay informed with expert guidance software bringing you the most up-to-date information all from one central location, you’ll find what you need with greater efficiency and speed enabling you to elevate your client services.

Keep on top of the latest changes with hourly UK and EU current awareness updates. With email alerts delivered directly to your inbox and a range of personalised options to tailor to your choice of coverage, Checkpoint will help to keep you in the know for important legislative updates and other industry news.

Intelligent search capabilities and fast navigation options take you right to the information you need, whether you are doing a quick look up or highly specialised research.

online research

You are able to search for the documents you need, group them and share them easily with colleagues while keeping your research under a client file, project or topic for easy retrieval, time keeping of research sessions and, at the same time, compiling an audit trail of your research history.

The main feedback we receive from Accountants in practice is to help them save time on their processes so they are able to focus more on more value added client services.

One of my clients was extremely interested in our Checkpoint™ solution and after a 10 minute demonstration running through the main time saving features he decided that his practice will greatly benefit from this solution; he now says that they would never look back to their paper version.

“Truly impressed with the precise information and how it integrates with my current Digita programs. Brilliant!” K & N Accounting LTD  

Our tried and tested solution is the market leading trusted information source in the United States. Thomson Reuters Checkpoint solution is used around the globe.

A one-stop solution for your compliance research so that you can reach the right answers, right now so ACT FAST and take advantage of our limited time offer > click here


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