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7 Steps to Attracting New Clients Through Effective Marketing

written by Editor, 20 October 2014

Blog by Amanda Magri Overend, Digita Marketing Assistant
Customer Service

Many accountancy firms are looking to improve their current marketing and sales initiatives in order to generate a steady flow of new clients to their practice. In our recent survey of over 250 customers, 40% stated their current business issue is the ability to implement current marketing efforts.

Customer Service

32% of our customers surveyed also stated that they find it difficult to differentiate themselves from the competition. To remain progressive and grow their business whilst retaining market share, practices must take a proactive approach to marketing.

Here are 7 steps to help your accountancy firm more effectively market your business and stand out from the crowd:

Step One: Be Clear On Who You’re Targeting

Before beginning any marketing activities, you need to identify your target audience. Research the market and discover who your services can help the most. Data houses can provide you with email and phone data to start your marketing database/CRM system.

Step Two: Generate Awareness

Communication with clients or prospects, before, during and after each transaction is key to generating awareness. Make your mantra right message, right time, right audience, and of course, the right medium. Communicate through various mediums such as face-to-face, over the telephone, online, or via email.

Step Three: Implement Procedures

Apply standardised and systemised activities in order for work to be done more efficient. Don’t have the time or expertise to carry out marketing activities in-house? Employ a local agency at a set budget and agree targets with them at the outset. This can be invaluable with creating and maintaining a professional website and search engine optimization (SEO).

Step Four: Set Yourself Apart

Work on your strengths and opportunities, and determine what differentiates your practice, such as customer service or price; then coin your mission statement and messaging. Be aware of any threats and exploit your competitors’ weaknesses.

Step Five: Build and Maintain Relationships

Create long-term connections with your clients/prospects. Nurture their needs and prompt them to refer new clients to you.

Step Six: Be an Expert in Your Field

Publish relevant content about your practice in trade magazines, newspapers and on social media. You could even set up a blog on your website which you update regularly with value-added content for your clients.

Step Seven: Practice Great Follow-up

Once you’ve provided great service to meet the needs of your target audience, follow-up consistently with them to retain them – such as scheduling regular relationship management calls.

Marketing your business does not need to be a complex application. You just need to remember that marketing your practice is only the first stage of a client cycle and first impressions count.

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