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On the Go with Digita Virtual Office

written by Editor, 15 July 2015

Guest Blog by Connor Mears, Digita Inside Sales Representative


Find yourself constantly visiting clients then returning to the office to find that you have large amounts of admin and tasks you need to complete? As technology advances some industries fall behind while ever changing efficiencies are improved. At Thomson Reuters we have always had the belief to make those enhancements to increase your practices workflow.

There has been a lot of hype around cloud computing over the years, but it has now matured as a technology and is being widely adopted by both large and small organisations.


What are the benefits for your practice? Cloud computing technology offers anytime, anywhere remote accounting software access; relieving you of IT burdens and ensuring business continuance in any situation. Rather than scribbling down information changes or calling your office to find out additional information you may not have at hand our Digita Virtual Office acts as a cloud hosted desktop that provides you with around the clock access to the Digita Professional Suite, Microsoft® Office, and Microsoft Exchange® software and files. This can be accessed on various devices, such as; Android phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets and even your clients PC.

There is no limit to where you can work from, as long as there is an internet connection! You are able to work with your Digita solutions and use Microsoft office allowing you to create documents on the go! Your clients will also benefit from this with their own personal portal, where they can gain access to documents that have been uploaded and in turn they can sign forms and include any alterations helping you to make changes efficiently.

In today’s ever changing environment technology has progressed to stay in line with business development. By reducing the amount of time and staff required for software, hardware, and server administration and maintenance, you can focus resources on business issues.

However why do we find it easy to implement these efficiencies in our personal lives but struggle to move with new technologies in our work place? Here at Thomson Reuters we understand that change can be a daunting task and we are here to nurture your transition to cloud based solutions. We will help to support your practice needs.

Discover how we can provide you with the freedom to work remotely at anytime from anywhere. Contact us today for a no obligation demonstration.

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