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Thomson Reuters tax expert explains MTD consultations

written by Editor, 21 September 2016

Making Tax Digital

Free Webinar | Making Tax Digital: Explained 22 September 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

What do HMRC’s consultation documents entail? How will the proposed changes affect you, your practice and your clients?

These are just some of the many questions that our tax expert Mark Purdue will answer in tomorrow’s webinar when he clearly explains the main points, benefits, concerns and considerations. more »

Accountants Split on Making Tax Digital

written by Editor, 8 August 2016

38% of accountants feel positive/very positive towards the move to Making Tax Digital

Mark Purdue, tax product manager at Thomson Reuters hosted a live webinar: Making Tax Digital: Refresher – with more than 400 accountants joining in to hear the very latest on Making Tax Digital, find out how the initiative will impact the way they work, and to ask their most pressing questions. more »

The Making Tax Digital Blog Series Part 3: Are Compliance Services Still Important To Businesses?

written by Editor, 28 July 2016

Guest blog by, Mark Purdue, Product Manager – Tax, Thomson Reuters

Making Tax Digital

Every business needs to get the basics right to stay aware of and meet statutory obligations, and ensure that the correct level of tax is paid. However, it hardly sets the pulse racing. The discipline around financial administration, however, creates value in terms of knowing where you are and being able to react to both challenges and opportunities. more »

The Making Tax Digital Blog Series Part 2: Why Efficient Collection Of Data Needs To Match Efficient Client Management

written by Editor, 21 July 2016

Guest blog by, Mark Purdue, Product Manager – Tax, Thomson Reuters

Making Tax Digital

The Making Tax Digital initiative now seems to be almost inevitable. The drive for better data received in a more timely way is seen as a cornerstone of how the government seeks to create and modernise aspects of its relationship with taxpayers. more »

Will digital tax accounts see the end of the annual compliance headache?

written by Editor, 6 May 2016

Guest blog by, Mark  Purdue, Product Manager – Tax products

Annual compliance headache

Busy season – How was it for you?

We teamed up with AccountingWeb recently to survey over 500 UK accountants to see how busy season 2016 had gone for them and their practices. The survey revealed the mood was sombre…

more »

Personal Tax Accounts – An Update

written by Editor, 22 December 2015

Guest blog by, Mark Purdue, Product Manager – Tax products

I have previously written about the impact the move to tax accounts is going to have on the profession (see here), and last week we moved a couple of important steps closer, as;

1. Personal Tax Accounts were launched, and
2. HMRC published a detailed update to their “Making Tax Digital” programme

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Digital Tax Accounts – Initial Phase

written by Editor, 21 October 2015

Guest blog by, Mark Purdue, Product Manager – Tax products

As previously promised, I plan to use this area to post periodic updates on digital tax accounts, and this is my first update.

HMRC have recently announced the initial phase of functionality they will focus on, and they plan to start work later this month.

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The Cloud – Time to Jump, or Wait to be Pushed?

written by Editor, 4 September 2015

Guest blog by, Mark Purdue, Product Manager – Tax products

cloud software

Over recent years, much has been written about the many benefits to moving your practice software to the cloud.

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The 2015 Budget: Last one out, please turn off the lights…

written by Editor, 20 March 2015

Blog by Mark Purdue, Senior Product Owner – Digita Tax Software

On Wednesday, the Chancellor gave his last Budget before the General Election in May. Whilst perhaps a little light on real content, the key headline for those in the accountancy profession was the scrapping of the tax return.

What does this mean to the practitioners? Is the profession as we know it, for tax compliance at least, dead?

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