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Work smarter not harder with Digita Practice Advanced

written by Editor, 29 October 2015

Guest blog by, James Bowers-Lee, Digita Inside sales representative

Practice Advanced

Do you ever feel you’re spending too much time managing your work than actually doing it? Well now you don’t have to.  Digita Practice Advanced will allow you to create smart intuitive projects to manage your practice without the workload.

Projects – templates

Our advanced product will allow you to get straight to work with smart project templates that can be applied to each of your clients, quickly and effectively. Consequently reducing the time spent delegating the work that comes in, therefore allowing you more time to focus on your clients, staff and what matters most to you.

Project recurrence – smart adjustments

“How often do I need to assign tasks?” –with Digita’s smart recurrence functionality you can set your projects to recur as often as is necessary, taking into account actual budget and time spent to auto adjust. Allowing you to accurately reflect the actual time and money spent completing the job.

This process minimizes workload from your recurring projects but also allows for the yearly tasks to flow and align with your overall practice procedures and key deadlines.

Practice Advanced

Staff assignment

The project templates provide the basic task information you need plus the ability to directly log documents or supporting material, this can also be aligned with the client at hand. With everything in one place, you’ll find what you need with greater efficiency and speed.

You can set your projects to be automatically assigned to a specific member of staff whom is qualified in that area of expertise or to an entire department. This gives you the option to predetermine were the task is delegated to.

This process can also be used via a queuing system which delivers the task to the next available member of staff offering you maximum flexibility alongside a controlled delegation method.

Task allocation

The fun starts once a client has been allocated a project. Digita Practice Advanced will automatically notify a member of staff with the initial job to complete, whether being a notification to begin work on a client or to produce a final set of accounts. The notification will appear in a customisable task list on a dashboard. This helps to ensure no tasks slip through the net and that the person accountable is always notified. Further to this you can even identify bottle necks in the chain where tasks are ‘waiting on client’ and uncover any weaknesses in your process.

Project monitoring and reporting

By this point you will notice a reduction in the time spent on allocating work to your staff member and manually monitoring their projects. This helps to streamline your practice workflow and increase efficiency with all client information in one central location.  However, now you may ask where is all this data going? With Digita Practice Advanced you have access to a range of customisable live reports, all feeding directly into your personal dashboard. Enabling you to stay abreast of any latest changes keeping you ‘in the know’ for important updates from assigned projects.

Practices are constantly trying to maximise earning potential, with Digita Practice Advanced, you have the assurance you need that you won’t miss anything, allowing you to focus on growing your business with efficient and cost effective processes. Whether you need to enhance your current workflow or readapt entirely, Digita Practice Advanced is here to help!

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