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Welcome Services | A Warm Welcome Awaits

written by Editor, 6 April 2017

Welcome Services
Guest blog by, Tom Ellis, Solutions Consultant

Like everything else- cars, job satisfaction, network provider- tax and accounting software is constantly under review. The process isn’t always conscious- sticky handbrakes, slightly missed promotions and dodgy signal- aren’t always at the forefront of our minds when we engage with something but these frustrations do exist within. more »

Improving cash flow using effective credit control

written by Digita Support, 9 November 2016

by Julie Sandford, Customer Support.

Customers paying late can have a detrimental effect on a businesses cash flow. Avoiding late payment of invoices to improve cash flow can be achieved by implementing effective debt collection and credit control processes. I’ve put together a few tips regarding this which you may find helpful. more »

Shortcuts and tips for customers using Digita CT Advanced

written by Digita Support, 25 October 2016

by Chloe Procter, Customer Support.

Did you know that many of the functions in CT Advanced can be carried out by using command keys?

This guide takes you through some of the key timesavers which we hope you will find useful. more »

Making Money from KPI’s

written by Digita Support, 13 June 2016

By Julie Sandford, Customer Support.

I had a lovely couple of days covering the Digita Practice Management Surgery desk at Synergy 2016. It was great to put faces to the names of people that I typically only speak to on the phone when answering technical queries.
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Using Query Manager in Personal Tax to report on client information

written by Digita Support, 13 May 2016

By Chris Cullen, Tax Support Specialist.


Whether it’s for tax planning purposes or internal housekeeping it’s always useful to be able to report on clients meeting specific criteria (over a certain age, specific income types or thresholds, etc.); this can be done in Personal Tax using the Query Manager.
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Marriage Allowance benefit

written by Digita Support, 5 April 2016

By Gemma Pettit, Tax Support Specialist.

Transfer of Personal Allowance

When the government introduced the Marriage Allowance on 6 April 2015, they estimated that four million people would be eligible to claim it. However, as of February 2016, figures released suggested that only 8% of eligible couples had applied to transfer 10% of their Personal Allowance to their Spouse or Civil Partner.
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Using Corporation Tax to track filing and payment deadlines effectively

written by Digita Support, 5 April 2016

By Lisa Gunn, Tax Support Specialist.

In many ways corporation tax can seem easier than personal tax, but the one area where this definitely doesn’t hold true is filing and payment deadlines.
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Database Cleansing Can Improve Your Business Model

written by Editor, 20 August 2015

Data cleansing

Having an efficient way to update and manage your clients in your business database is directly aligned with your overall strategy. Your current customers and prospects are the basis for your organization’s success and whom you’ll be engaging with via telephone, email, social media, and even in person.

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The Power of Partnership with Thomson Reuters

written by Editor, 7 July 2015

Guest Blog by Candice Hardman, Digita Inside Sales Representative

The tax and accounting industry is dynamic and ever-changing. Today, more than ever, choosing the right provider for your Tax and Accounting software needs is pivotal to running a successful practice.

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Cold Calling – Top Tips for Success

written by Editor, 3 July 2015

Guest Blog by Katie Martin, Digita Telemarketer

cold calling

For most of us, cold calling is a dreaded and daunting task; however it’s a part of the game. And when done correctly, it can be a powerful and effective sales tool.
It is seen as a challenging role nonetheless but there are no new sales without new contacts. You can’t make a sale unless you have an appointment first. In fact, prospecting is the key to successful selling.

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Do You Want to Save Time in Your Practice

written by Editor, 18 May 2015

Ashley Leeds, Digita Business Development Manager
Saving Time

I wanted to share with you some of the tips I’ve gained about what different accountants are doing to save time in their practice. Most of the time, they are just simple changes that we can all put into action.
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Giving Accountants in Practice the Space to Succeed

written by Editor, 8 April 2015

Q&A: Interview with Neil Massa from Space2, Digita User Conference Guest Speaker

Neil, tell us what services your company provides?
At Space2, we specialise in three key areas – consultancy, training and coaching. We deliver a range of benefits to large and small businesses across a variety of different sectors.

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Management vs Leadership

written by Editor, 18 March 2015

Blog By Amanda Magri Overend, Digita Marketing Assistant

Management vs Leadership

Leadership and management are two very distinctive styles but also complement one another – there’s a valid place in accountancy practices for both. If you manage several staff, it’s useful to understand the distinction between leadership and management to help gain a better perspective on the way your business is run. more »

WIP: Wellbeing in Progress

written by Editor, 26 February 2015

Blog by Gary McCombe, Digita Corporation Tax Product Specialist and Wellbeing Champion

Now that the stress levels of the January filing rush are, hopefully, back to normal, it is worth taking stock and assessing – from a wellbeing viewpoint – how it was for you?

Early mornings?
Late nights?
Weekend working?
Plenty of junk food and drink?

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2015: The Year of the Client

written by Editor, 30 January 2015

Blog by Aalia Daneshmend, Digita Senior Marketing Executive
Year of the Client
According to a recent survey of UK accountants in practice, 41% of practitioners are looking to revamp their client communication procedures in 2015*. Although change is always constrained by time and resource, there are several steps that accountancy practices can take to improve client communication this year.

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