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How can Cloud Technology benefit your practice?

written by Editor, 17 May 2016

Guest blog by, Ian Cooper, Business Development Manager

Cloud Computing

The more you know about cloud computing, the more you’ll understand why it has received so much attention in recent years. Also referred to as hosted computing, cloud computing generally refers to a complete software solution that your practice accesses over the web. It uses a centralised data centre, which is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as data storage systems.

Cloud computing provides secure anytime, anywhere access, high-level security and data privacy. It holds the potential to bring about some of the most far-reaching efficiency and productivity improvements ever seen in the tax and accounting profession.

There’s no question that business use of cloud computing services is gaining momentum. A recent study by technology research firm Gartner predicts that the worldwide public cloud services market will grow 16.5 percent in 2016. Below we will take a look at some of the ways in which cloud computing can benefit your practice.


Given the ever-changing security risks that must be considered when transacting business online, we understand your concerns about data security and safety. Because you’ve chosen Thomson Reuters products and services to serve your accounting needs, you can be assured that your software and data are stored in a secure network of UK based data centers that are among the most advanced and secure in the world. Every precaution is taken to guarantee the safety of your data. Equipment and facilities are protected against fire, natural disasters, power failures, and other unexpected scenarios.

Cost reduction:

Moving to the cloud can offer your practice substantial savings. Traditional business software typically requires a large upfront licensing fee, in addition to an annual maintenance fee and your own infrastructure costs. Many cloud services offer a pay-as-you-go model in which you’re charged a monthly or annual fee for use. Depending on the service, cloud vendors may charge additional fees for adding users or offering access to clients.

Cloud Computing

Real time:

The cloud’s appeal stems in large part from the flexibility it provides; tax and accounting professionals who are using the cloud can access their data without being tied to a specific location or computing device. As information is stored offsite, users can access it from anywhere they can access the internet. The cloud also creates a 24*7 available environment, allowing practices to reach a large number of customers with a view to establishing their hold across the globe.

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