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Why All Businesses Should Invest in Customer Service

written by Editor, 12 September 2014

Blog by Peter Greenslade, Director of Client Services
Customer Service
Customer focus is now seen as one of the most crucial factors for success for any business in any market. The main aim of customer service is to meet or indeed exceed the customer’s expectations and you should aim to ensure that all areas of your business add to the overall customer experience.

The real benefit of good customer service is building relationships that customers feel compelled to pursue. This ensures that your business benefits from the lifetime value of that customer and not just from one off transactions.

Customer Service

The key objective is to construct repeat business – if your customers are satisfied with the product purchased and the standards of service they receive, they will buy from you again, remain loyal and refer others. Retaining those customers is essential for the long term profitability of any business.

Great customer service should begin with satisfying the requirements of your own organisation and staff. This then leads to a culture where delivering consistently high standards of customer care becomes second nature.

If you truly want to provide a great customer experience, here are my thoughts on 6 key things all businesses should do to become truly customer focused:

Listen to your customers

Take the time to identify customer needs by asking questions and concentrate on what the customer is really saying.

Value customer feedback

Encourage and welcome suggestions, this will make customers feel important and appreciated.

Deal with issues immediately

This will provide you with an opportunity to improve.

Be helpful

Go that extra mile even if there is not immediate profit.

Train your staff to be an expert in their field

Adding skills improves job satisfaction and leads to a greater understanding of your customers needs.

Develop customer service oriented goals

This will ensure you have something to measure success against.

In all operations, the focus should be on providing outstanding customer service. Those who are not seeking to constantly improve will get left behind.

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