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Better Productivity for Your Practice – Part 2 : Barriers to productivity

written by Editor, 12 April 2016

Guest blog by, Ian Cooper, Digita Product Manager

Better Productivity

Ian Cooper’s 3 part blog piece will uncover ways in which accountants in practice can boost their efficiency through technology advances. Ian will also address the barriers to better productivity which practices may face and finally in the 3rd blog he will showcase the recent survey results carried out by Thomson Reuters.

Focusing on the wrong work

Some accountants are still spending too much time on administrative tasks that can be easily automated.

Failing to embrace

Failing to embrace new technology, or even keep up with clients’ own technology prowess, is a major barrier to productivity. Practices who don’t embrace the benefits technology can bring are not giving their staff the tools they need to do the job.

Better Productivity

“The use of appropriate technology is crucial to a growing practice. I’m not saying we grab hold of any new piece of technology just to be seen as innovators, but anyone not keeping an eye on what’s coming and not embracing technology that will help give the best and most efficient service to their customers is doomed for failure.”
Keith Senior, Jacobs Allen

A lack of documented workflow

Inconsistent processes will breed inefficiency which can lead to inefficiency and potentially constrains a firm’s ability to enable change. Building workflow into software ensures the process is repeatable, consistent and of the high quality expected by clients.

Being overly paper-based

Some practices are still sending out paper invoices and not making use of simple technology such as email, document management software and e-signatures.


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