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Seven Signs your Accountancy Software Might not be up to Scratch

written by Editor, 5 August 2015

Guest Blog by Andrew Flanagan, Digita Managing Director and Simon Brookings, Digita Head of Sales


We’ve all heard the old phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  But what if it “ain’t” actually “broke”?  What if it’s, well, adequate… average… or just downright frustrating?

How many of these seven signs do you recognise?

1: Costs keep rising!
So, your annual software fees have increased once again, but are you seeing any enhancements to warrant the rise?  Most providers heap on an automatic annual increase but not all of them are actually investing the extra fees back into developing their products. Are annual increases fair if they can’t justify the rise?

2:   Updating client data in multiple places takes an age…
Your client informs you of a change of address.  Sounds simple right?  Not if you’ve got to update their details in every individual component of your accountancy package.  Corporate tax, personal tax, practice management system, marketing database – the list goes on. Sending confidential information to the wrong address can seriously damage client relationships.  Integration could be the key as it saves so much time and effort.   One input and it’s “job done”.

3: Where’s the support when you need it?
When you need some help, you initially speak to an automated system or have to leave a voicemail. Then, no one calls you back for ages and, when they do, they seem to know less about the software than you do.  Sound familiar?


4: Paying through the nose to train new staff?
It’s a sad fact that most software suppliers provide very little, if any, free training for new members of staff. If you’re a successful, fast-growing business, these additional, often hefty costs can be a real pain.

5: New office tax?
Congratulations! You’ve opened a new office.  But, hang on… even though your customer base is the same and your staff members haven’t increased, your software provider wants to charge you a massive fee just to access your data centre from another site!

6: Reaching for the Cloud?
Some software suppliers don’t offer Cloud at all so you may still be forced to do your work from your desktop or through a hosting company.  The trouble with hosting companies is, if something goes wrong, it can be hard to find out who’s responsible for putting it right.  For example, they could  blame the software provider.  This can often lead to the relationship between them breaking down, resulting in you being left high and dry. Look for a provider who owns its own data centre and software, then there can be no dispute.  And, if you want to move to Cloud (and who wouldn’t?) more and more providers are now offering this flexible solution.

7: Systems too restrictive?
Just because your accountancy software was adequate when you started out, doesn’t mean it’s equipped to handle more complex cases as you grow and attract more diverse clients.  If that’s the case, you may be doing a lot of work manually which can be really
time-consuming.  Some low cost start-up packages simply can’t handle the breadth of functionality needed as a practice grows, so make sure your chosen software package has the ability to grow with you.

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