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Step away from your desk its event time!

written by Editor, 24 March 2016

Guest blog by, Amanda Magri Overend, Digita Marketing Executive

Networking (hostess)

Have you ever thought about attending an industry conference, seminar or event but unsure whether it was worth it or not? Well indeed it is! Surrounding yourself with like minded professionals openly sharing ideas will spark an array of creativity.

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Budget 2016 – Key Highlights

written by Editor, 18 March 2016

Guest blog by, Mark Purdue, Digita Product Manager – Tax products


On Wednesday, George Osborne announced his first March budget since the Conservatives won a majority in 2015.

The new sugar tax and ISAs for under 40’s aside, this budget appeared quite light compared to the “death of tax returns” and the major dividend taxation changes, announced in the two previous budgets.

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IT tips – Optimising your PC/Server

written by Digita Support, 11 March 2016

By Jamie Capron, IT support.

As the tax filing deadline has passed, now is a good time to take a look at your server or standalone PC to see if your Digita software is running as smoothly as possible. more »

Be the hostess with the mostess

written by Editor, 10 March 2016

Guest blog by, Amanda Magri Overend, Digita Marketing Executive

events (hostess)

Whether you’re a small business or a large multi-national there are huge benefits to be reaped from hosting an event. As discussed in previous blogs events are a fundamental part of networking and connecting with customers, prospects and peers. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair. Instead you could start with a low-cost coffee morning.

But why host an event in the first place?

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Foreign Dividends and Interest – SA100 or SA106

written by Digita Support, 8 March 2016

by Simon Doughty, Tax Support Specialist.

It has been possible to report foreign dividends of under £300 and gross foreign interest of under £2,000 on the SA100 since 2008/09 when the online filing of SA100 became mandatory. However, on support, we still receive a lot of queries on this topic.

Those of you in practice long enough will probably remember the various windfalls from Building Societies in the late 80’s / early 90’s. Abbey National being one of the main ones where, through various reorganisations, individuals now receive foreign dividends from Santander.

There is no facility to complete SA106 foreign pages using HMRC’s own software.
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Strategies to enhance your Practice Performance

written by Editor, 2 March 2016

Guest blog by, Connor Mears, Digita Sales Consultant

practice performance

It is a well known fact that the most successful businesses are the most organized, they will normally use every minute of their day to complete as many tasks as possible. This is more recognized in the world of accounting, time equals money. So how can you get the most out of your working day to boost your practice performance?

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