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Database Cleansing Can Improve Your Business Model

written by Editor, 20 August 2015

Data cleansing

Having an efficient way to update and manage your clients in your business database is directly aligned with your overall strategy. Your current customers and prospects are the basis for your organization’s success and whom you’ll be engaging with via telephone, email, social media, and even in person.

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Manage your Entire Practice from one Single Application!

written by Editor, 13 August 2015

Guest Blog by James Bowers-Lee, Digita Sales Consultant

Practice Advanced

Could this be the one tool your practice is missing and desperately needs?

Did you ever wonder if you could manage your entire practice differently, more efficiently? Perhaps you may be spending more time on your clients and less time on the mundane administrative tasks that give us that Monday morning dread and keep us late on a Friday evening.  Digita Practice Advanced can help to solve these problems! This comprehensive accounting software is designed to streamline practice efficiency to meet the needs of today’s professionals.
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Seven Signs your Accountancy Software Might not be up to Scratch

written by Editor, 5 August 2015

Guest Blog by Andrew Flanagan, Digita Managing Director and Simon Brookings, Digita Head of Sales


We’ve all heard the old phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  But what if it “ain’t” actually “broke”?  What if it’s, well, adequate… average… or just downright frustrating?

How many of these seven signs do you recognise?

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