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Synergy – A Chance To Meet Our Customers

written by Editor, 29 April 2015

Blog by Ashley Leeds, Digita Business Development Manager
Synergy 2015

I have just spent the last couple of weeks dashing around the countryside attending and presenting at our customer user events. This was a great opportunity to meet up with our customers, some of whom I haven’t seen for while.

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Innovation: Your Catalyst to Success Across Your Accountancy Practice

written by Editor, 29 April 2015

Blog by Dave Pearson, Senior Development Manager of Practice and Workflow for Digita software

Why innovate? You want to do more than just stay in business and keep-up with the competition, right? You want to grow, thrive, be more efficient and improve your work-life balance and profitability? Whatever your reasons, everyone should be looking at what the innovation toolbox has to offer and what it can do for your business.

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