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Personal Tax Accounts – An Update

written by Editor, 22 December 2015

Guest blog by, Mark Purdue, Product Manager – Tax products

I have previously written about the impact the move to tax accounts is going to have on the profession (see here), and last week we moved a couple of important steps closer, as;

1. Personal Tax Accounts were launched, and
2. HMRC published a detailed update to their “Making Tax Digital” programme

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New Year, New Opportunities

written by Editor, 17 December 2015

Guest blog by, Mikaela Barton, Digita Marketing Assistant

New Year resolutionss

The festive season is upon us and the New Year is fast approaching. We are all familiar with the tradition of setting ourselves personal goals for the upcoming year, goals that are going to see us slimmer, happier and wealthier than ever before. Until January 15th when we all give up and reach for the leftover Christmas cake.

However, what about our business goals? The New Year allows for a paramount opportunity for change. But how do you plan for the New Year? And what industry changes should you expect to see in 2016?

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5 Ways to Gain New Clients

written by Editor, 15 December 2015

Guest blog by, Connor Mears, Digita Inside Sales Representative

Free infographic! Discover 5 ways to gain new clients.

Free infographic! Discover 5 ways to gain new clients

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Find the help you need to manage the burden of tax preparation!

written by Editor, 1 December 2015

Guest blog by, Amanda Magri-Overend, Digita Marketing Executive

Tax Preparation

Tax season can be especially challenging. Many accounting departments are overloaded with work and need help to manage the burden of tax preparation. To cope with the busy period accounting firms need to ramp up their staffing strategy.

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Is consumer use of technology overtaking their accountants?

written by Editor, 26 November 2015

Guest blog by, Ian Cooper, Digita Business Development Manager


Mobile devices, the cloud and social media have created huge behavioural changes in consumers and has led to a change in their expectations. There is no question that easy to use solutions such as Amazon® same-day delivery, Apple Pay and Uber are helping the constantly connected consumer get what they want when they want it. Consumers are now socially-oriented, design-conscious and impatient. These consumer behaviours describe our clients, prospective clients and they also describe us. All of us have helped change the demands of services in a very short amount of time, ask yourselves that as accountants, are you keeping pace?

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5 Tips to Attract Investors through Crowdfunding

written by Editor, 17 November 2015

Guest blog by, Amanda Magri Overend, Digita Marketing Executive


You have decided to launch or grow your business – and now you need investment. But where do you start? And which of the many forms of investment is right for your business?

Our economy continuously changes in many ways, however a lack of money and time are still primary reasons why small business fail to progress in a competitive market.

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RONI – have you considered it?

written by Editor, 12 November 2015

Guest blog by, Ian Cooper, Digita Business Development Manager


We are all aware of the term Return on Investment. This is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

However, a term you might not be so familiar with is RONI, the RISK OF NOT INVESTING.

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Power your Practice with World Class Software

written by Editor, 9 November 2015

Guest blog by, Mikaela Barton, Digita Marketing Assistant

Find out how to power your practice with world class software!

power your practice

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Become Socially Sophisticated with our help!

written by Editor, 3 November 2015

Guest blog by, Lauren Coates, Digita Inside sales representative

Socially Sophisticated

In today’s socially driven world, it’s getting tougher to grab attention and sustain it.
Social media can be especially challenging; how do you measure the value of an engagement to your brand? Used correctly, social media offers a free marketing tool to engage quickly with clients, potential prospects and business partners. Essentially, you are creating a 24/7 accessible page to market your business.
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Work smarter not harder with Digita Practice Advanced

written by Editor, 29 October 2015

Guest blog by, James Bowers-Lee, Digita Inside sales representative

Practice Advanced

Do you ever feel you’re spending too much time managing your work than actually doing it? Well now you don’t have to.  Digita Practice Advanced will allow you to create smart intuitive projects to manage your practice without the workload.

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Build Connections and Network your way to Success

written by Editor, 22 October 2015

Guest blog by, Mikaela Barton, Digita Marketing Assistant


Gone are the days when a firm handshake was enough to seal the deal. Today’s clients are looking for the formation and nurturing of real relationships with people they can trust.

Effective networking skills are now a fundamental aspect of the success of an organization. As a director or partner of the practice not only will networking allow you to improve your profile to prospects and customers but also within the organization enabling you to partner more effectively with other parts of the business.

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Digital Tax Accounts – Initial Phase

written by Editor, 21 October 2015

Guest blog by, Mark Purdue, Product Manager – Tax products

As previously promised, I plan to use this area to post periodic updates on digital tax accounts, and this is my first update.

HMRC have recently announced the initial phase of functionality they will focus on, and they plan to start work later this month.

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Cloud and portals are key to future growth

written by Editor, 13 October 2015

Our Survey said – Part 2

Cloud and Portals

As more results came in from our recent survey, we discovered more and more accountants are looking to invest in new technologies, including cloud and portals to enable the successful growth of their practice.

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Familiarity with existing technology is the biggest barrier to change

written by Editor, 5 October 2015

Our Survey said – Part 1

changes in technology

Earlier this year we carried out a survey among UK accountants which revealed they may be paying a high price for failing to switch to improved technology solutions which can help them grow their practice.

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Exploiting the unique capabilities of Apps

written by Editor, 22 September 2015

Guest blog by, David Pearson, Senior Development Manager – Practice & Workflow

mobile applications

Apps should be designed to make the most of what mobile devices have to offer. At their best they don’t just repeat what their partner applications do; they take advantage of the connectivity, geolocation and photographic capabilities of our mobile phones and tablets to extend and simplify the functionality we need day-to-day.

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