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6 Top Tips to Get More Client Referrals

written by Editor, 15 December 2014

Blog by Simon Brookings, Digita Head of Sales
Client Referrals
It’s no secret that client referrals are among the top ways that accountancy practices can gain leads and new business, however why do so many businesses struggle when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing?

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Is Trust Important in Business?

written by Editor, 9 December 2014

Blog by Amanda Magri Overend, Marketing Assistant
Is Trust Important in Business?
Personally, I prefer to do business with companies that I trust – especially with anything related to my own money. For any brand, developing and maintaining trust is critical for all businesses and is built over time but ruined in a moment of poor service.

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Has the Cloud Transition Been a Smooth Journey for Accountants in Practice?

written by Editor, 2 December 2014

Blog by Dave Pearson, Senior Development Manager
Cloud Technology
This is a question you’ve probably asked yourself or have asked another accountant who’s moved to the Cloud. Understanding the process and the choices made demystifies the situation and enables you to rationally assess the business benefits.

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