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Here’s a question for you: Does it seem logical or valid to compare accountants to Olympic gymnasts? (Answer: No, probably not.)

written by Editor, 19 June 2014

Blog by Andrew Flanagan, Digita Managing Director
The purpose of referencing gymnasts/accountants in my address at our London and Leeds User Conferences was merely to draw attention to the concept of “Agility”; agility in a business sense.
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Digitizing Self Assessment

written by Editor, 16 June 2014

Blog by Mark Purdue, Digita Senior Product Owner – Tax
HMRC is moving to paperless self assessment (Digital SA) and, as part of the increase in electronic communication; taxpayer information will be shared with software providers. This ultimately means that in the future, your client information held by HMRC will be accessed through Digita software, without the need for you to log into the HMRC website. more »

Putting the Election into Feature Selection

written by Editor, 2 June 2014

Blog by Ian Manson, Product Manager of Digita Company Secretarial
Software development is a continual work in progress. It doesn’t stand still in the constantly evolving competitive, technological and especially regulatory environment. more »

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