Training and Consultancy

"Think you know your software? That's the tip of the iceberg"

Our passion is helping users obtain the best performance from their Digita software.

When you buy software for your practice, the biggest cost is not the license fee, it's not the annual renewal fee and it's not even the cost of training, like an iceberg most of the cost is hidden from view. The biggest cost is the time and productivity lost by staff when learning their new software and this is where Digita training can benefit your practice.

Benefits of Digita Training

  • Provide users with the knowledge and experience to use the software in the most efficient way.
  • Help improve service standards and reduce risk exposure by sharing our ‘best practice’ techniques.
  • Training sessions allow users to interact with the software using a ‘hands-on’ approach. This is the best way to learn and this defines Digita’s training philosophy.
  • Sessions are also accompanied by comprehensive training notes for you to keep and share for future reference.
  • Digita training is the only fully-accredited training on Digita practice software and because it follows a planned and structured approach, it could count towards your CPE/CPD.

“I really appreciated the accounts production training. There was a lot of material to cover over the 3 hours, but the trainer managed to cover everything in a logical order and at an appropriate level for a beginner. Thanks again for this training - it will definitely be beneficial in my future work.”

Jenny Stables Accounting

“I now feel I can start using the accounts production software with confidence.”

GM Accounting Limited