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Digita Accounts Production
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Financial Reporting Software for UK Accountants

Digita Accounts Production Software

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The only financial reporting software available today that updates and compares vital changes to all your existing clients.

Digita Accounts Production software is fully iXBRL compliant and sits within the Digita Professional Suite sharing data from central source and its brother Personal Tax whilst also taking in third party data. The youngest in our core compliance software range, it has made its name as a powerful, elegant and flexible solution with all the refined and robust detail you’d expect from Digita software. Click for more information on iXBRL.

The AP Formats we support are:

Sole Trade Partnership Charity Unincorporated Pensions (OPS)
Sole Trade - Farmers Partnership - Farmers Charity Incorporated Groups
Sole Trade - Solicitors Partnership - Solicitors LLP's Academies
Sole Trade - Doctors Partnership – Doctors UKGAAP IFRS

Financial Statements, Analysis and Reporting

Digita Accounts Production provides a comprehensive range of integrated and compliant financial reports, which can be branded to client corporate identity for all formats supported, to meet the level of financial accounting requirement necessary. In addition, disclosure and analysis functionality supports the full range of disclosure requirements including accounting policies and financial statements which also provides the ability to produce additional financial analysis in your prepared accounts.

Benefits of Digita Accounts Production
  • Familiar Windows based interface for intuitive operation.

  • Financial Reporting: Integrated reports to save time and minimalise risk.
  • Workflow: Increase in-house efficiency with a flexible and intuitive workflow.
  • Templates: Enter data faster using templates that work like you do.
  • iXBRL: Compliant for 2011's accounts and computation deadline.
    Click iXBRL for more information.

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Windows 7 compatible
Need to know more?

Interested in Digita Accounts Production software? Why not book a personal demo or contact us for more details.

Alternatively, speak to one of our consultants on 08450 180 907.


Digita Accounts Production software sits as a powerful and flexible solution within the Professional Suite, allowing you to post account figures directly into your personal and corporate tax returns, through Digita Personal, Business and Trust Tax and Digita Corporation Tax. Digita Practice Management integration allows for client and contact management in a single database and is fully iXBRL compliant.

Digita Accounts Production as part of the Integrated Suite

Digita Accounts Production as part of the Integrated Suite

Efficiency through Integration

  • Digita Personal Tax - Post accounts figures directly to personal, business and trust tax returns.
  • Digita Corporation Tax - Post accounts figures directly to corporate tax returns.
  • Digita Practice Management - Manage clients and contacts in a single database. Track work and generate correspondence across all of your clients and work types.

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Need to know more about the Professional Suite?

Why not book a personal demo or contact us for more details.

Alternatively, visit Digita Professional Suite or speak to one of our consultants on 08450 180 907.