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Use this tool to ensure your HM Revenue & Customs tax code is correct.

Tax code checker
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Tick if you are married or in a civil partnershipYes
Your age on 5 April 2011
The age of your spouse or civil partner on 5 April 2011
Have you and your spouse/partner agreed to transfer the married couple's allowance?No
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Income from employment (gross):
Tips not included in pay taxed by your employer:
Benefits and Expenses:
- Car benefit:Click for more help
- Fuel benefit:Click for more help
- Van benefit:Click for more help
- Loans from your employer:Click for more help
- Other taxable benefits:Click for more help
Expenses you pay in respect of your employment:Click for more help
State pensions and other taxable state:Click for more help
Untaxed interest on which tax is collected in your tax code:Click for more help
Taxed interest you receive, e.g. bank interest (amount before tax)::Click for more help
Dividend income you receive (enter the net dividends):Click for more help
Other income not taxed at source that is usually included in your tax code:Click for more help
Any other income you receive that you have not included above:Click for more help
Allowable loan interest:Click for more help
Death or superannuation payments:Click for more help
Maintenance payments made by you under a legal agreement:Click for more help
Payments you make under a personal or stakeholder pension scheme (net):Click for more help
Payments you make under a retirement annuity scheme (gross):Click for more help
Gift aid payments and charitable deeds of covenant (net):Click for more help
Allowances and adjustments
Tick if you want to claim Blind Person's Allowance:YesClick for more help
Allowances given in another tax code against other income (e.g. a pension):Click for more help
Tax underpaid in a previous year included in your tax code:Click for more help
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