Use of employer's assets: benefits in kind calculator

Use this tool to calculate the benefit in kind charged on use of an employer's asset.

A benefit in kind charge is made when employees or directors, earning over £8,500 a year, use an asset owned by their employer (cars, vans, accommodation and mobile telephones are exempt).

An additional charge is made if the asset is subsequently sold to the employee. To calculate the benefit of this sale, enter the amount of benefit paid since the asset was first used. This does not affect the sale of cars, where the benefit is calculated as the market value of the car minus the amount paid by the employee.

Use of employers assets calculator
Enter the market value of the asset when first made available:
Enter any other related costs paid by the employer:
Was the asset sold to the employee during the year?
Enter the market value of the asset:
Enter the amount paid to the employer:
Enter the amounts already assessed on the employee since the asset was first made available:
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